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First off, I was in Poland and forget to tell you, oops. Haha, I actually only noticed when I was already there. :P I was visiting the perfect and lovely [livejournal.com profile] aredhela and I had such a great time! I took some picture and I'm gonna post some soon. (They're not that good though, just be warned. :P)

Then when I got home from my mini-holiday it was sooo weird. I actually felt really sad today when I got back. :( So I bought some Christmas lights to cheer me up!

And then even better, the Christmas card from [livejournal.com profile] gothikmaus arrived! Thank you sooo much for this, I love it! :D It just cheered me right up, haha. It's so awesome and pretty and argh, just look at it yourself, my dear flist!!

Isn't it perfect? <333 Thanks again!! :D

Hoppla :P

Dec. 5th, 2012 09:50 pm
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Oops, I just noticed I haven't updated my journal in quite a while... again. Twitter is giving me this sense of being social online, but still, I shouldn't abandon a journal quite so badly. ;) Although I'm thinking of switching the actual journal over to Dreamwidth since I made a new account with I name I actually like there: urania, just my name without any frills there, yay! So if you're on DW too, please add that account? :) I'm not sure yet though, I'm still quite attached to my trusty old LJ... At least I'll try not to forget to read my reading page over there! :)

Oh, and I actually don't know if I wrote about that here yet, but this semester I'm doing a Polish course! It's a lot of fun so far, and not that difficult yet which is good. I keep accidentally writing Finnish conjunctions and stuff instead of Polish ones, though... Haha, I hope my brain stops messing around with that soon. On Friday we're actually having a test, I haven't studied for it yet because I've been busy with research for another course. :s Our topic is "Whaling" in the context of Atlantic Studies, it's actually quite okay. I think my group is kind of lazy though and when even I think that...

I've started a diet, but I already don't like it. Advent/Christmas just isn't the best time for it. xD Still, cross your fingers for me not abandoning it. :P

I apologise for the randomness that is this post...
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Damn, I just noticed that some of you don't crosspost to LJ (right now/anymore). I pretty much NEVER look at my reading page on DW, so I'm sorry if you felt ignored recently. xD It wasn't my intention, I swear!
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So, I've seen people making these posts already and thought I should probably make one too before it's too late. :P

Sooo, who wants a Christmas card?? They have really cute, glittery ones this year, so be warned! Or I might be persuaded to send the Christmas Berlin ones, they're really nice, too. :) If you want one, just pm me your address or comment here if I already have your address or a mix of both~!

I really like sending cards so don't worry about it being inconvenient! :)
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Sooo, things are very much "back to normal" here for me. Uni has started again, and it's the same as always... On Monday I already have a presentation, but I already did the handout (just uploaded it!), so preparing the actual presentation won't take long, I hope...

After 2 months of waiting I finally had my dermatologist appointment today! The doctor was very nice, so that was good. :) And she looked at my moles just to calm down my cancer paranoia which was really nice. Unfortunately she didn't know what the weird itchy skin thing I have is either. :( She told me to try antihistamines and see if it works, so well, I'll do that for now then. I have a check-up in January, so maybe if it didn't, she can refer me to the skin clinic, she said she might do. Anyway, fingers crossed that it just helps!

Yesterday my mum was in Berlin with her job and we went to a Bavarian restaurant, it was pretty good. And she brought me a bag full of gifts! AND a calendar she had printed herself! It was almost like having Christmas and now I have really nice "autumn" tea (it's called Karl-Heinz!), sausage (Ahle Wurscht! From "Onkel Ernst", haha, her coming from and all our relatives living in a small village can come in handy) and chocolate. Sometimes I actually think my mum is too nice. :P

Ohhh, and I started a Polish course last Friday! I haven't really learned anything yet, but some of the pronounciation will be a challenge, I think. "Szczebrzeszyn" I can almost say by now though. ;)

PS: My flopmate is moving out tomorrow! Rejoice! :D
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So, I'm not sure whether you guys know, but I'm sharing my flat with two other girls, one of whom I like, but the other one... I can't fucking stand her. She doesn't clean up after herself and she's just generally annoying and a twat, ugh. And I'm pretty sure she's actually rich so it just rubs me the wrong way when she says "it's so hip to live in this part of Berlin in such a cheap flat!". Ugh. I didn't "choose" her as a flatmate either, my other flatmate did while I was in Norway...

Anyway, I think she wants to move out now (might have to do with me being a dick to her, oops) and where does she want to move? To the 900€ flat above ours... Well, well... Ugh, I just hope she leaves soon... And today she's apparently holding court or something. The doorbell rings every few minutes and strangers keep crowding our flat. It wouldn't annoy me had she actually told me about it. :/ But she gives her key away to her guests while she's in another city so it really shouldn't surprise me... Oh well, I just hope those strangers are here to talk with her about sharing the flat above ours with her so she's leaving soon. :)

Sorry that this entry had no purpose, I just wanted to rant.
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I just wanted to say, thank you all so much for your kind comments. They did make me feel less like an asshole. And after pretty much crying all day yesterday just thinking of the poor dog, I feel better today and think it was the right decision. Even though I miss her already. :( I'm just the person who really likes having pets around, so having the flat so empty again (apart from my flatmates of course) is just a bit sad.

Well, but yeah, feeling better... apart from a massive headache. I took some painkillers I got in London last weekend though (maybe I'll write about that later, but there isn't much to tell anyway...), and wow, do they make me feel woozy. It makes me think there's a good reason you can't get codeine painkillers prescription-free in Germany...


Oct. 12th, 2012 03:06 pm
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I just feel horrible today. I took the dog back to the shelter. And I just feel so bad about it, too. But after having a panic attack yesterday and not properly eating since I got her, I just had to admit that I'm not ready for a dog yet. Maybe in the future sometime, who knows.

I cried pretty much the whole day today, all the way to the shelter and she just kept looking at me as if to ask what was wrong, it really broke my heart. Oh great, now I'm tearing up again. Anyway, I just really hope she gets supernice owners soon. But I just didn't trust myself to try it out much longer. She already got pretty attached and I just feared it'd be worse for her if I kept her for longer only to realise that yeah, I really can't do it. :(

If it had been a cat I would have tried for longer since I know I can live with cats and "get" them, but with a dog it just kind of felt too "risky" in a way.

Well, I guess I'll spend the rest of the day just crying and lying in bed, it's pathetic. But it really just broke my heart.
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Sooo, yesterday I got a dog from the shelter and she's really cute and nice and precious, but somehow this is stressing me out so much. :(
She barked twice during the night and that really isn't allowed to happen when you live in a flat. :( And then when I took her shopping today she barked the whole time she had to wait outside. When you live her alone in the flat/a room, she whines a lot. And she seems scared of our kitchen.
I just... I feel so bad and anxious that she would be better of somewhere else and what if I'm a shitty dog owner. I've been so stressed all day today that I can't even eat anything. Argh, I'm just so unsure now. Now we're still in the trial phase, so she isn't my dog yet, and... I just don't know. :( I might have to take her back, and I just feel horrible.
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Well, well, I meant to write and entry for ages now, but let's be honest, my life was pretty boring the last two months...

Anyway, now I'm done with my internship, and I'm really not as happy about its end as I thought I would be. Don't get me wrong, I really didn't like it there. xD Just... I don't know, maybe I haven't realised it yet that I'm ~free~ now, haha. And I will miss the money. I should really try to find some student job... but first I'll get a dog! And then see how well it copes with being alone? Well, we'll see.

I'm really excited about my future dog already! I've missed having a pet loads. I'm a bit worried because I never had a dog though. But first time for everything, right? And it's not like I'm an irresponsible idiot. xD Even my mother who started out hating the idea has come round to it somewhat. :)

Okay, what else... Oh, right, anyone want a postcard? ;) Next weekend I'll be going to London to visit two friends for a few days, really looking forward to it! So if you like getting postcards as much as I do, feel free to pm me your address. :)

That's it for now~. I swear I'll try updating more often, haha.
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I actually wanted to write a really long entry for a change, but now I'm already about to turn my computer off. I have loads of unread books and I better get on that.

First off: Thank you all soooo much for the nice birthday wishes!! I was so happy to read them! :) You are all too nice to me, haha. <3
My birthday was pretty awesome, as were the presents. MY MOTHER GOT ME A KEYBOARD!! I can't play at all of course, but I really want to learn! I always wanted to so now I can't wait to start, ahhhhh.

My internship is going ok, but it's super boring. I've spent way too much time just not doing my tasks because I actually couldn't deal with their boringness... oops.

What else? I've been thinking about getting a dog (for quite a while now, more than half a year, so don't think I'm rushing that decision. And I'm still not done thinking it through...) and I might? I just really think my life would improve by 100% by having a dog, and especially now I have enough time to care for one, soooo... maybe. :3

Something that sucks: We had a break-in on Monday and my Playstation, Nintendo DS + games are gone. :/ Luckily I had my laptop with me!!! (It was during the daytime.) But yeah, I'm insured at least, so I hope I can at least buy a new Playstation soon, I miss watching my blurays too. I bought all those Norwegian ones and can't watch them on my laptop.

Yep yep, that's it for now.
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First off: Wearning high heels (lol high, like 5 cm) all day, how do people do it?? My feet are killing meee. I love those shoes and they do look "dressy" enough for work, but maybe I'll still have to wear flats tomorrow... /shoe rambling

Yeah, so I survived my first day of my work placement! Yaaay!! :D The people in the firm seem very nice, and they have like 4 students working there, haha. Kinda hoping the boss will ask me to stay too after my two months are over... One of the girls told me he practically asks everyone, so fingers crossed!

Hmm yeah, there's not much to tell about my first day. My computer needed all day to install, so I just read up on natural gas related things, thrilling. It was all right though. At the end I translated some notes about pipelines and stuff into English, so I already have the first thing I can pretend to have done so my uni will recognise it, kekekeke.

Other than that... not much happening. Back in Berlin in my old flat in my old room and it's pretty chill so far. Haven't met my one new flatmate yet, only the girl I've lived together before is here right now, but I've heard she's nice.

And now you'll have to excuse me, I'll celebrate my survival with some cheap wine, ~living the life.
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So today I had a muuuch feared dentist appointment (the first of two). Last year my dentist basically told me they had to do something about nearly ALL my teeth and fillings and blah blah, so I had two, one for each side because you can't anaesthetise both sides at the same time.

And then I went today and...

...nothing?? I don't even know how that happened! He looked at it and was already like "wait your teeth are actually quite good" and then he made two x-rays and yep, nothing to do now. I was so glad but weirdly anxious, haha. I kept asking BUT ARE YOU SURE??? Because I don't want something overlooked, but yes, he was. So I could just walk away unscathed, so glad!! And I'm so glad I didn't go in Norway even when I was worrying myself sick, what a waste of money that would've been.

In other news, I was in Berlin a few days ago for an interview for an internship, and I got it, yay!! Finally! Now I only have to worry how I get my boss to give me somthing to do about Scandinavia so I can get the points from the internship for my BA, but for now I'll be happy. But I have to buy "business clothes" which I definitely don't want to, but oh well, you can't have everything. xD
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Aaand this is me in Germany! :) It is so weird to be back... I'm still getting confused when people start talking to me in German... and that I hear German everywhere... Everything is just very German ok. xD

But yeah, it has been nice so far. I'm staying at a friend's and yesterday after I arrived we ordered pizza and bought a bottle of Sekt (sparkling wine), unaffordable luxury in Norway. :P

Right now I'm sitting at uni, I have to get some confirmation or something, I don't know exactly... but yeah, I'm stalling on that and thought I'd look how the Internet is doing. ;)

Kissessss <333
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I really don't know why I take ages these days to write an entry on livejournal, but finally, here is my little report or whatever from my uni excursion to Trondheim!

I didn't take a lot of pictures really, but the Internet was glad to help out. ;)

Yeah, so we went there to see an Ibsen play in the theatre, but it was more like a proper little holiday and I had so much fun!

Some more photos and a lot of me rambling after the cut! )
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I said I would post more often and I did not.

But I still don't have anything noteworthy to say. I'm spending my time ignoring any responsibilities, reading too little of my uni readings and watching TV... I have been all caught up on Game of Thrones for a while now which makes it annoying that I have to wait for new episodes. Then last week I watched all of Life on Mars (RIP all my feelings because of the ending), so now I need a new show to watch. If anyone has any suggestions, please, go ahead!

My computer has been super slow and annoying for the last few days. I'm thinking about formatting the harddrive and reinstalling Windows, but I'm so scared I won't manage to make the correct settings for my Internet again, so I will be Internet less at home... or last time I reinstalled it, it was all weird and almost didn't work, and what will I do if my Compuer simply refuses to work after that?? Haha... so maybe I better wait until I can't live with its slowness anymore...

In other news I applied for internships here in Tromsø. I wrote 13 applications and so far have only received on rejection and nothing else. >:( This is not how I want these things to go... Oh well, maybe tomorrow I'll write some applications for Germany. :/

PS: I do not enjoy the new look of the lj cut, are they being serious with that? Looks shit to be honest.
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Wow, I haven't written an entry in forever!

I don't really know why, I guess I just didn't have anything interesting to say and when I did (Northern lights!), I was too lazy to make a proper entry about it.

I hope nobody deleted me from their friends list yet! I'll really try to be a bit more active again. :) And LJ really is my favourite place on the Internet, so I shouldn't abandon it like that...

So, yeah, I hope everyone has been doing fine. This is just a quick I AM ALIVE post since I think it makes it easier to write a few actual entries later. :) Because even though there hasn't been much happening with me, I'd still like to talk a bit about my Sami classes which I am really enjoying even if I'm a bit too lazy. Other than that life's like always. It's winter so I'm not even going out anymore, just continue being curled up in my room (which I like, haha).
Not even my job calls me to work these days, so I just get lazier and lazier... But no worries, let's hope spring is on its way even though everything here is still covered in more snow than you can imagine! xD

Yeah, so what I've done these past days is: 1) tried to get into Eurovision mood with all the countries choosing their acts! Never too early for Eurovision feelings, I think.
2) watched 5 seasons of Doctor Who, now I'm all caught up, haha. <3
3) tried elk salami for the first time. It is good.

So yeah, living the life! <3 I hope everyone's doing fine. I tried not to abandon my flist too much, but if it came across like that, I'm sorry. Hugs for you all!
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Yeah, long time no see.

I wanted to make tons of entries, but of course my laziness got the better of me.


I was at home over Christmas and New Years and it was really nice. I watched a lot of documentaries and met all my favourite friends from home and it was generally just relaxing and fun. I hope you also had a nice time!

Now I'm back in Norway, and that's nice too. It really already does feel like home. Uni hasn't started just yet, but my first courses are next week. I only have 7 hours/week (my courses are: travelling literature, Ibsen & Fosse, and Sami) but that's quite alright because I've also started working. Or at least I think I have. They're a bit fuzzy on finally giving me the damn job and giving me money. :P
I work at the uni canteen and even though that's not very glamorous, I like it so far. I work at a smaller canteen in the fishery sciences building and the lady working there and training me is really nice and fun and has an impressive mustache. Tomorrow I'm supposed to talk to the boss and get all signed up and told what kind of tax card to get etc etc.
The pay is alright too from what I've heard (~125NOK/hr = ~16€). I mean, it's not that good for Norway really, but I was too lazy to look for a better job.

And when I got back nice post awaited me! So thank you [livejournal.com profile] robtengel and [livejournal.com profile] alicetwilight for your Christmas cards! :)
I don't know if somebody else sent me something, but if that's the case I just hope that the Norwegian post is being slow and not that my flatmates lost it...

I hope the next update will be a bit sooner. ;)
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ok, so my incredible journey today from Berlin to Kassel today...

ok, first off, we have two train stations where the ICE (our fastest train) stops in Berlin, East and Main. The friend I stayed it lives nearer to East plus it's where the train starts, so you always get a seat even if you haven't reserved one (6 euros, no ty). Naturally I thought I could get on the train there. Well, I know my Berlin public transport, so I left so I would've been at the east station half an hour early because I know my "Pappenheimer"... (idiots really)

then I had to change trains which went ok. BUT THEN. the train directly to the East station (as well as the Main station btw, it's just a matter of when to get off) starts to leave and then just stops. Driver tells us that there's a broken down train in the East station and so none of their trains in that direction can run, and could we please take the metro, busses or trams.
well, those don't run directly to the train station tho. we stayed on the tracks without moving FOREVER and I was already late-ish at that point, so I thought change in plans, I'm gonna go to main (it's there 15 mins later) and tried to take a metro/train combination.
well, one nervous breakdown later I was on the right train, and thought about making it just in time. train arrives at Main station, I see the ICE leaving....


then I went to the railways system people (the company also owns the breaking down Berlin trains...) and asked to have the thing with the specific train removed. Basically the woman I talked to acted entitled as fuck and accused me of lying..... ummmm...

well, in the end she did remove it, and I could take a later train at least. BUT HER FUCKING BEHAVIOUR I CANNOT!!

At least I am home now, and can get into the Christmas spirit, haha <3
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Soooo, I've wanted to write an entry for a while now, but couldn't be bothered. My laziness really knows no bounds, sorry!

I've had a really good time since uni finished and I don't really want to go home for Christmas. Well, I kind of do, but I'll be sad to leave Norway even though it's only for three weeks.

Right now I'm pretty sick. :( I went to the pharmacy and bought cough medicine and it is vile, ugh. I have to take it 4-5 times a day, but I don't know if I'll manange. But maybe I should since my sore throat kills me, I kept waking up from the pain all night last night. Anway, enough whining, I'm still having a nice time.

Yesterday we went dogsledding, and it was a lot of fun! We got to play with the (half year old) puppies and pet all the dogs they had, and the dogs (as well as the people ;)) were amazingly nice. I'm very glad I did it. I was yet too lazy to upload the photos from my camera, so I'll just show you one one of my friends took. ;)

Here it is. )

The "mørketid" has been taking its toll and my sleeping pattern is all messed up. I won't lie and say I don't miss the sun, I am quite glad that I'll see a bit of it over Christmas.

I'll try to write another entry with some more pictures tomorrow, today I'm too busy feeling miserable.

Aaaaand, thank you so much, [livejournal.com profile] gothikmaus and [livejournal.com profile] polarforscherin!! Your Christmas cards arrived, and they are so pretty! :) I am very happy.
Your drawing is very pretty, Alex! I stuck the card to my wardrobe. <3
And the short fanfic you wrote me, Maike, is amazing! :D I didn'z expect one at all, so that was a very happy surprise!
Tuuuuusen takk to you both!! :D


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