May. 17th, 2008 12:25 am
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I finally watched the Supernatural S3 finale and... *flails* I don't even know if I really liked it or not. I'm just flailing!

Ohhh, Deeeeeaaaaaaan. ;___;

*flails some more*

Anyway, today I finally watched The Shining (which I had only read until know) and wow, I know why people like this film. But I still thought the book was a lot cooler. Now I know that you can't adapt books so that everyone likes it, but something by Stephen King where nothing burns down at the end, is just not the same. :/
I guess Jack Nicholson made up for it though. (Yay, for reviews by me of films which are older than me? xD)

I also watched The Messengers which was kinda cool and scary, but I found it so easy to figure out. :/ Kinda like The Sixth Sense where I knew what the plot was after... the prologue thing, really. xD

In conclusion: Cool movies, I recommend both of them.

And now please excuse me, I have to flail some more about the Supernatural finale. *runs away flailing*
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Title: Roll The Titles (Say Goodnight)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] urania_chan

Supernatural, gen

Summary: The deal is coming due and Sam knows, when Dean isn't here, he could very well be in hell.

Notes: Title taken from the song “Killing Time” by The Donots.
And be warned, this is my first SPN fanfic, and I rushed writing it a little 'cause I wanted to finish it before the season finale. And so it's also unbeta'd. I'm sorry. But if anyone'd like to point out mistakes or beta it, I'd very much appreciate it.
Feedback: is adorable and makes me smile. ♥
Disclaimer: Not mine, not making money with this.

Killing time for one more time... )
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Somehow... today was weird. Started out good enough I guess, but then went indescribably crappy, and then I was just annoyed the whole afternoon, then I was realtively happy again, and then not, and now I'm just confused.

Good thing: I got to "sleep in" (till 8:00 anyway) and then in school had one period just sitting around and doing nothing 'cause the teacher was busy with "Abi" stuff.
Bad thing: But the three periods that followed sure were boring! D:

But it was nice that the novel we're gonna read in English arrived today. <3 It's called The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. Does anyone know anything about it? I just know it won the Booker Prize, so it has to be good? Umm... I feel illiterate! D:

But then I had gym class and we did acrobatics and, my God, I hate that! D: And then we had to run around the gym and eww.. I hate jogging! D:

But when my mum came home she gave me the Kate Nash album "Made of Bricks" because it was gift to her boss (for his birthday) but he already had the CD. Heh, I like it. <3

And today was "Mystery Montag" which is generally a good thing. But I just hate the dub of SPN SOOO MUCH! (And yes, I'm gonna say this every week since I'm annoyed by it every week! :() At least they're gonna release the DVD on Thursday so I can watch it in English! Yay! :D Aside from that I really liked the episode (also because I had a feeling of "wait, I don't think I actually know this ep..." which again proves that my forgetfulness can be handy <3). But! I just have to say that I think Papa Winchester has amazingly crappy parenting skills. My mother agrees.

And I think EUReKA was very cute today. <3 ...Does anyone on my f-list actually watch EUReKA (or Supernatural)? o.o

Anyway, now it is almost 23:00, and I have to learn for my arts exam tomorrow, but I wanna sleep 'cause school starts at 7:15 (which is way too early) and, OH THE DILEMMA!

And finally... does this post have any reason? I guess not...

ETA: "Falschfarbenfotografie" is an awesome word! :D
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Argh, I hate the German dub of Supernatural! >___< And I hate the translation, too. I know it's hard to keep jokes when translating stuff, but at least they could have done an effort!! D: Gah!
I remember the episode (Hell House) to be so funny (love the nerds!), but now all I can think is "Oh, look, a Digimon!" (They shouldn't let Gabumon dub Dean! >.<)... Grrr~.

...aww, Sammy, always getting choked! :/

"... I shot the sheriff..."
"... But you didn't shoot the deputy."

Dean says what I think, it's amazing. <3

But I'm quite excited about EUReKA. Hope it's a cool show! :D I'm gonna miss LOST! :/

Oh, and have the solutions for the last meme (the TV show one). :D )

And another meme, ganked from [livejournal.com profile] jurindel. :)

Comment and I'll give you a letter; then you have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter. Afterward, post this in your journal and give out some letters of your own.

I got an "R". :)

I like reading in general and every single book I read this year!
I like that I got a review on one of my fanfics today; that always makes me insanely happy!
Rock is in my opinion the best music style, and Relient K are the best band in existence! I especially like the fact that the singer is born on the same day like me. :D
Red Hot Chili Peppers are quite cool, too, even if I don't know that many songs by them. Californication is still awesome. <3
I like watching "Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager" (I don't care if it's German, it counts!) and when I was little Robert Duncan McNeill was my first celebrity crush! (He plays Tom Paris! xD) <3
I always liked "Ritter aus Leidenschaft" (again with the German...) and to this day have watched it about 20 times. :D
My Red XIII costume is my favourite one because it's all plushie! :3
Rats are pretty cool animals! Wish I could have one. :)


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