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So today I had a muuuch feared dentist appointment (the first of two). Last year my dentist basically told me they had to do something about nearly ALL my teeth and fillings and blah blah, so I had two, one for each side because you can't anaesthetise both sides at the same time.

And then I went today and...

...nothing?? I don't even know how that happened! He looked at it and was already like "wait your teeth are actually quite good" and then he made two x-rays and yep, nothing to do now. I was so glad but weirdly anxious, haha. I kept asking BUT ARE YOU SURE??? Because I don't want something overlooked, but yes, he was. So I could just walk away unscathed, so glad!! And I'm so glad I didn't go in Norway even when I was worrying myself sick, what a waste of money that would've been.

In other news, I was in Berlin a few days ago for an interview for an internship, and I got it, yay!! Finally! Now I only have to worry how I get my boss to give me somthing to do about Scandinavia so I can get the points from the internship for my BA, but for now I'll be happy. But I have to buy "business clothes" which I definitely don't want to, but oh well, you can't have everything. xD
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The last two days were really unlucky for me. :(

Well, today a lot more than yesterday where the only thing that happened was that I stepped on a tack. Barefoot. And it just stuck there in my foot and the view alone was pretty weird, and it hurt so much. ;_; But it's all better now! Once I pulled it out, it didn't hurt very long after. :)

But then. Today. I had an appointment with the dentist (and it was a small wonder that I even got one before going, it was pretty short notice). I take veeeery good care of my teeth, and usually they always just check and there isn't anything and I can go after five minutes (having waited something like 1 1/2 hours... xD), but today, oh today. :(

The dentist said that there was a dark spot on one of my molars, but it was probably nothing, and just to be sure he wanted to make an x-ray. Okay. I was already feeling queasy, but fine, it's always been nothing anyway. And then. AND THEN.

They made an x-ray and when the dentist come to look at it, he gets this expression on his face, and looks at me and is all "well, the dark spot is nothing, but unfortunately..." and then he points at like EIGHT SPOTS! I'M NOT LYING! And tells me that all those spots have caries, and especially this spot was pretty bad, and I really had to get it done before Norway.

ETA: Btw, I feel I should mention that those holes are not my fault, it's apparently some kind of bacteria, and either you've got it or not, and I have and it's ruining my teeth now. -__-

And I bet he said something more, BUT THEN I FAINTED. God, it was so embarrassing. ;_; I fainted just because I was so fucking scared of them drilling holes in my teeth (since the newer, "experimental" stuff without drilling is expensive :().

And I even told him "I'm going to faint now." Him: "Why, I haven't even done anything." "Yeah, I know, just thought you'd like to know, I'm gonna faint now."

And then I did. ;__;

My dentist was really nice then though. Holding my hand and I got handed some weird stuff to get my circulation going again, and then he explained me I would get a shot against the pain, and would feel nothing. And he said it was urgent and he could do it on Monday, but by then I'm already back in Berlin, and yeah. Said I would get it done in Norway, but checked and I would have to pay for everything and it's expensive.

But good (?) news is, I managed to get a dentist appointment on Monday in Berlin. Just hope they're nice, and give me a shot againt the pain, too.

This evening friends are coming over (because today is my last day in Kassel!), but I'm still feeling queasy and would much rather curl up in my bed and read. :(

ETA 2: And I just found the cat shat all over the carpet in the hall. Glorious day so far, really.


Nov. 11th, 2008 04:52 pm
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Ha, I haven't posted in a while, have I? And I actually had reasons for that, too, because every entry I would have written, would have consisted of whining and talking about how bad my jawbone still hurts, but as it is, it still does and I guess, you'll just have to endure me. xD

You should expect that the pain fucking stops after 11 days, but it just doesn't. It hurts and hurts and hurts. Soon I'll have no more antibiotics and two of the three pain killers are almost gone, too. But it just doesn't stop hurting...

Well, here, have a nice picture of my last week...


*goes to cry FROM PAIN*
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So today I got my wisdom teeth pulled.

Well, two of them... Without a general anaesthetic like I wanted. *sighs* I only had a local anaesthetic, but it went okay, I guess. It sounded like they wanted to crack my jaw into dust, but yeah. It didn't really hurt, but now it DOES! D: And it still bleeds. I hate the taste of blood... <<

Ow~... *whines* ;____;

PS: And the dental surgeon who did it was really cute! xD I felt so embarrassed...


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