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I actually wanted to write a really long entry for a change, but now I'm already about to turn my computer off. I have loads of unread books and I better get on that.

First off: Thank you all soooo much for the nice birthday wishes!! I was so happy to read them! :) You are all too nice to me, haha. <3
My birthday was pretty awesome, as were the presents. MY MOTHER GOT ME A KEYBOARD!! I can't play at all of course, but I really want to learn! I always wanted to so now I can't wait to start, ahhhhh.

My internship is going ok, but it's super boring. I've spent way too much time just not doing my tasks because I actually couldn't deal with their boringness... oops.

What else? I've been thinking about getting a dog (for quite a while now, more than half a year, so don't think I'm rushing that decision. And I'm still not done thinking it through...) and I might? I just really think my life would improve by 100% by having a dog, and especially now I have enough time to care for one, soooo... maybe. :3

Something that sucks: We had a break-in on Monday and my Playstation, Nintendo DS + games are gone. :/ Luckily I had my laptop with me!!! (It was during the daytime.) But yeah, I'm insured at least, so I hope I can at least buy a new Playstation soon, I miss watching my blurays too. I bought all those Norwegian ones and can't watch them on my laptop.

Yep yep, that's it for now.
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Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] angrylogic!! :D


I hope you had a nice day and the rest of it will also be nice! :)

Consider yourself hugged by me! xD And have fun! ♥
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Meine liiiiebe [livejournal.com profile] ai_chi!

Ich wünsche dir einen ganz herrlichen Geburstag. Und diese Katze tut das auch! :D


Ich hoffe du feierst schön und kriegst viele, viele Geschenke! Haha, Materialismus! xD

Hier noch ein Lied zum Feiern! :)

(Hah, random Norwegian people! ;D)

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Neu, Part 1: Ich weiß noch nicht, was ich von der neuen Punkteregelung beim Perfekten Dinner halten soll... Irgendwie find ich sie komisch. :/ Mich hat ja sowieso immer gestört, wenn die die Deko so bewertet haben, weil mir persönlich Essen wiichtiger vorkommt, aber mal schauen. (Passiert wenigstens mal was da! xD)
Und apropos, PD, letzte Woche, dieser Otschke... den fand nich' nur ich vollkommen durch, oder?

Neu, Part 2: Es ist jetzt entschieden, dass ich in den Osterferien wegfahr! Nämlich nach... *trommelwirbel* Österreich! :D Ich freu mich schon total. ♥

Neu, Part 3: Auch eine schöne neue Nachricht: Janne Ahonen kehrt zurück. Yay, kann ich da nur sagen, yay! Ich hatte ihn schon so vermisst. xD

Neu, Part 4: Hab heute zum ersten Mal in meinem Leben Squash gespielt! Aber naja, ich fand's irgendwie doof weil ich versagt hab...

Und hier mal was, bloß weil ich mich spammig fühle. (Das ist natürlich KEIN Anzeichen von Flucht vor Mathe! xD Genaugenommen, Stochastik, das Teufelszeug!) Wie man einen Turban bindet. Die Sendung mit der Maus ist doch einfach ungeschlagen, oder? :D Also, ich geb's zu, ich schau sie jeden Sonntag. :) (Und den Beitrag find ich besonders toll, irgendwie so lieb. Und das Ende, hihi. :)

Leider nicht neu: Diese Fiesta Werbung nervt nach wie vor... Ich wüsste zu gern, was man da tun kann. D:

Huiuiui, le spam, le spam...

ETA: Oh, ich hab heut Namenstag! :D Und Aki hat Gerburtstag! :) Also hier auch nochmal, herzlichen Glückwunsch, meine Liebe. :)
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Ja, wie die Überschrift schon sagt, herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag! :D

Ich hoffe, du hast einen tollen Tag und viele schöne Geschenke. :)


Fühl dich umarmt und hab Spaß! :)
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Ahhhhhhhh! [livejournal.com profile] ai_chi! Beinah hätt ichs verrafft! xD

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag! :D

Hab leider dein gewünschtes Bild noch nich' gemalt, weil ich ne faule Socke bin, aber... naja, nix aber, sorreh! xD

Ich hoffe, du feierst schön! ;D

birthday cake

Ganz viel Spaß und tolle Geschenke! *umknuddel*
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As you might know (or don't, whatever...), yesterday was my birthday. Now I'm old. Well, no, but I'm almost old. Kinda. Not really. Anyway, now I'm nineteen! :D

I got awesome presents from my ma: A chain for a watch, a CD ("Rotation" by Cute Is What We Aim For), the first season of Dr Who on DVD, sunglasses and a Zits book (the one with the comic strips). :)

I hope I'll get some more stuff, I like presents! xD And a friend and I are gonna have a party on Friday... We'll see, eh? ;D

Anyway, the reason I'm writing this entry is, I wanted to thank you for wishing me a happy birthday (if you did, if you didn't, don't worry, I understand! xD) and THANK YOU [livejournal.com profile] night_songs_93 for the virtual gift, so cute. <3

Gonna sleep do my homework now! Urania, over and out! :D
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Happy Birthday, my most awesome [livejournal.com profile] isegrim_chan. :)

Picture from http://icanhascheezburger.com/

I hope you like your present! ;D

Also, we have to go and drink coffee so I can give you your... more solid present! *is a dork*

... Ooooooh, shiny! Look, today's my name day!! (Egoistic much?) :D Too bad I'm Protestant! :/
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Look, you even get a present. Kind of. Okay, it's only this coloured sketch I told you about, but still... I'll dedicate it to you! <3

So, taadaaaaaah! Fay! XD

Clicky, looky! )
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Ahaha, now I'm feeling old. I still say that even if I know that 95% of my f-list are even older than me. Heh! >XD No, really, I'm not feeling like a grandma or anything, but I just read a story where the main character was 18, and I thought "Well 18 means you're grown-up, he acts a little unrealistic..." and then "No, wait, I'd do the same!". XD

Oh, and I loved my birthday! :D So many nice people (who brought so many nice presents... *g*) were there and we played stupid games like we were in kindergarten. :D Yay. And today I got even more presents! XD Haha, yay for the "Deutsche Post"! I finally got the volumes of the Wolf's Rain series that I was missing, now I can watch the whole series! Yay! :D And vol. 4 and 6 are in English (UK import) which somehow I find highly amusing. :) My ma doesn't trust ebay so she bought them at amazon.de, and there they only had these versions. That's why the FF9 game I got also is in English. ^^ Whatever...

And tomorrow I'm gonna start making this cosplay for the Connichi, but today I'm far too lazy. ^^; But I bought the fabric. :)

By the way, I think the one thing that is really useful on the Internet when you're eighteen is that you don't have to lie about your age! XD You don't have to fear that people will kick you off their sites. XD
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Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, [livejournal.com profile] rikuhana! :D

Ich hoffe mein ICQ hat recht... ôo;


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