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Dec. 5th, 2012 09:50 pm
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Oops, I just noticed I haven't updated my journal in quite a while... again. Twitter is giving me this sense of being social online, but still, I shouldn't abandon a journal quite so badly. ;) Although I'm thinking of switching the actual journal over to Dreamwidth since I made a new account with I name I actually like there: urania, just my name without any frills there, yay! So if you're on DW too, please add that account? :) I'm not sure yet though, I'm still quite attached to my trusty old LJ... At least I'll try not to forget to read my reading page over there! :)

Oh, and I actually don't know if I wrote about that here yet, but this semester I'm doing a Polish course! It's a lot of fun so far, and not that difficult yet which is good. I keep accidentally writing Finnish conjunctions and stuff instead of Polish ones, though... Haha, I hope my brain stops messing around with that soon. On Friday we're actually having a test, I haven't studied for it yet because I've been busy with research for another course. :s Our topic is "Whaling" in the context of Atlantic Studies, it's actually quite okay. I think my group is kind of lazy though and when even I think that...

I've started a diet, but I already don't like it. Advent/Christmas just isn't the best time for it. xD Still, cross your fingers for me not abandoning it. :P

I apologise for the randomness that is this post...
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Sooo, things are very much "back to normal" here for me. Uni has started again, and it's the same as always... On Monday I already have a presentation, but I already did the handout (just uploaded it!), so preparing the actual presentation won't take long, I hope...

After 2 months of waiting I finally had my dermatologist appointment today! The doctor was very nice, so that was good. :) And she looked at my moles just to calm down my cancer paranoia which was really nice. Unfortunately she didn't know what the weird itchy skin thing I have is either. :( She told me to try antihistamines and see if it works, so well, I'll do that for now then. I have a check-up in January, so maybe if it didn't, she can refer me to the skin clinic, she said she might do. Anyway, fingers crossed that it just helps!

Yesterday my mum was in Berlin with her job and we went to a Bavarian restaurant, it was pretty good. And she brought me a bag full of gifts! AND a calendar she had printed herself! It was almost like having Christmas and now I have really nice "autumn" tea (it's called Karl-Heinz!), sausage (Ahle Wurscht! From "Onkel Ernst", haha, her coming from and all our relatives living in a small village can come in handy) and chocolate. Sometimes I actually think my mum is too nice. :P

Ohhh, and I started a Polish course last Friday! I haven't really learned anything yet, but some of the pronounciation will be a challenge, I think. "Szczebrzeszyn" I can almost say by now though. ;)

PS: My flopmate is moving out tomorrow! Rejoice! :D
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I really don't know why I take ages these days to write an entry on livejournal, but finally, here is my little report or whatever from my uni excursion to Trondheim!

I didn't take a lot of pictures really, but the Internet was glad to help out. ;)

Yeah, so we went there to see an Ibsen play in the theatre, but it was more like a proper little holiday and I had so much fun!

Some more photos and a lot of me rambling after the cut! )
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I said I would post more often and I did not.

But I still don't have anything noteworthy to say. I'm spending my time ignoring any responsibilities, reading too little of my uni readings and watching TV... I have been all caught up on Game of Thrones for a while now which makes it annoying that I have to wait for new episodes. Then last week I watched all of Life on Mars (RIP all my feelings because of the ending), so now I need a new show to watch. If anyone has any suggestions, please, go ahead!

My computer has been super slow and annoying for the last few days. I'm thinking about formatting the harddrive and reinstalling Windows, but I'm so scared I won't manage to make the correct settings for my Internet again, so I will be Internet less at home... or last time I reinstalled it, it was all weird and almost didn't work, and what will I do if my Compuer simply refuses to work after that?? Haha... so maybe I better wait until I can't live with its slowness anymore...

In other news I applied for internships here in Tromsø. I wrote 13 applications and so far have only received on rejection and nothing else. >:( This is not how I want these things to go... Oh well, maybe tomorrow I'll write some applications for Germany. :/

PS: I do not enjoy the new look of the lj cut, are they being serious with that? Looks shit to be honest.
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Wow, I haven't written an entry in forever!

I don't really know why, I guess I just didn't have anything interesting to say and when I did (Northern lights!), I was too lazy to make a proper entry about it.

I hope nobody deleted me from their friends list yet! I'll really try to be a bit more active again. :) And LJ really is my favourite place on the Internet, so I shouldn't abandon it like that...

So, yeah, I hope everyone has been doing fine. This is just a quick I AM ALIVE post since I think it makes it easier to write a few actual entries later. :) Because even though there hasn't been much happening with me, I'd still like to talk a bit about my Sami classes which I am really enjoying even if I'm a bit too lazy. Other than that life's like always. It's winter so I'm not even going out anymore, just continue being curled up in my room (which I like, haha).
Not even my job calls me to work these days, so I just get lazier and lazier... But no worries, let's hope spring is on its way even though everything here is still covered in more snow than you can imagine! xD

Yeah, so what I've done these past days is: 1) tried to get into Eurovision mood with all the countries choosing their acts! Never too early for Eurovision feelings, I think.
2) watched 5 seasons of Doctor Who, now I'm all caught up, haha. <3
3) tried elk salami for the first time. It is good.

So yeah, living the life! <3 I hope everyone's doing fine. I tried not to abandon my flist too much, but if it came across like that, I'm sorry. Hugs for you all!
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Yeah, long time no see.

I wanted to make tons of entries, but of course my laziness got the better of me.


I was at home over Christmas and New Years and it was really nice. I watched a lot of documentaries and met all my favourite friends from home and it was generally just relaxing and fun. I hope you also had a nice time!

Now I'm back in Norway, and that's nice too. It really already does feel like home. Uni hasn't started just yet, but my first courses are next week. I only have 7 hours/week (my courses are: travelling literature, Ibsen & Fosse, and Sami) but that's quite alright because I've also started working. Or at least I think I have. They're a bit fuzzy on finally giving me the damn job and giving me money. :P
I work at the uni canteen and even though that's not very glamorous, I like it so far. I work at a smaller canteen in the fishery sciences building and the lady working there and training me is really nice and fun and has an impressive mustache. Tomorrow I'm supposed to talk to the boss and get all signed up and told what kind of tax card to get etc etc.
The pay is alright too from what I've heard (~125NOK/hr = ~16€). I mean, it's not that good for Norway really, but I was too lazy to look for a better job.

And when I got back nice post awaited me! So thank you [livejournal.com profile] robtengel and [livejournal.com profile] alicetwilight for your Christmas cards! :)
I don't know if somebody else sent me something, but if that's the case I just hope that the Norwegian post is being slow and not that my flatmates lost it...

I hope the next update will be a bit sooner. ;)
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I haven't updated for quite some time, I'm sorry. :( I just never seem around to doing it. And the stuff I do these days isn't really exciting. It consists mostly of trying to write my Super Imporant Paper for my German uni, becoming a social recluse because I have to write a Super Important Paper for my German uni, and moaning about becoming a social recluse AND about my paper. But yesterday cool things happened, so I feel like sharing my joy with you! ;)

On Monday I couldn't go to uni because I had a really, really bad headache, and that really sucked because my favourite course is on Monday. I was all annoyed about my headache (and my paper - it's consistent annoyance), but then this girl I have the course with messaged me on Facebook telling me we got a card for a musical from our teacher! I loooove musicals (even though I'm really not a musical expert), so I was very excited! I was kind of unsure whether we had to pay for it, but though even if we had to, I would just invest it because musical are cool.

Turns out we didn't have to pay for it! It was a gift from our teacher. <3 Or rather from the uni. Apparently our teacher applied for some money from a uni fund which exists so - wait for it - students enjoy being students! Best thing ever, yes? :D The cards were pretty expensive, too, 280 NOK which is about 35 €.

So we went to the musical yesterday, The Black Rider, and I thought it was really, really good. <3 The costumes and the stage were insanely pretty, and the performances were really good, too, and the translated dialogue was really funny! The musical started with the narrator coming into the foyer telling us to come in, and then inside he stood on the stage and thanked us for coming and not watching TV even though we were missing such exciting programmes as "E-koli - do we eat chemicals?" and listed some other programmes that were on that evening. It was just really funny. :)

They even have a trailer on YouTube:

And apparently Morten Abel is famous here. :D

The theatre building itself is really cool, too! So glad I could go! I hope I can go again. :)

Should probably post some more pictures in my next entry, but the truth is I haven't taken a lot the last few weeks, sorry! Will try to be better about it. <3
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We got our Finnish grades for the last three exams and while mine are technically not too bad, I'm still kinda disappointed. Before I had an average of 1.1 on my studies, and that has now considerably dropped. I wouldn't mind so much, except what I will do for my Master (DaF) has some seriously high NCs if you don't have any working experience in the field. Which I don't have. And I just know, I will ruin my average further with all those "Hausarbeiten" and the Bachelor's... work, thingy? to come, so maybe I should already prepare a plan B. (Maybe it will involve studying outside Germany! That would be pretty cool actually. :3)

And I haven't even been awake long yet, but the day has already managed to annoy me again. >_<

If you're thinking about which telephone/Internet provider to get in Germany, just let it be said, don't get Alice. Don't.
I've been trying for over a month now to get my contract cancelled as I'm moving away to a country where they don't provide anything, but they just keep telling me, my contract can't be termintated until April 2012! Fuck them! D< Meaning, I will have to pay 30 € a month for nothing... They won't even let me skip a year or something. They're such a load of wankers. Argh! >/
I even send them proof that I'm moving, and still noooo, "not till April". I really don't know what to do about that anymore.

Does anybody have any experience with stuff like that? And when I'm moving back to Germany and get a new provider, any ideas? :/ I was always rather fond of Vodafone, but recently I've just heard bad things about them.

Haha, these days I'm on a posting spree, it seems. xD I resolved to post more often in the future. I still love LJ, but I've seriously been slagging off recently...
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Yay, so I'm done with all my exams this semester, and it feels good. :) There is one "Hausarbeit" left (I just don't know what it's called in English... xD), but I have time till October, and though I want to start earlier, I'll just take this weekend off from uni. :)
The results for the two written exams and the oral exam were promised to be posted on Tuesday latest, so I'm already curious how I've done. It wasn't all too bad considering I barely speak Finnish. xD

In other news, I got a tumblr. I've wanted one for a while now, but was always too lazy. xD I don't think I will post much, but you never know. I said the same thing about Twitter and now I am pretty much in love with that, so we'll see. xD

If you are on tumblr and wouldn't mind me following you, I'd be happy if you told me your name there. ♥
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So, my very nice holidays are over soon, and I got a confirmed version of my timetable from uni and thought I could share it. :)


AGAIN, I didn't manage to have one day off. xD And because of the "Blockseminar" (what's that in English?! Leo gives me "bloc seminar"?!) at the weekends I won't have a day off in three weeks. :( But otherwise my timetable is pretty neat! Notice my relaxing Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! ;D

The topics are cool, too, for example "Kalevala and the Finnish culture" or "Scandinavian literature in medieval times". I just hope they're as interesting as they sound. xD

Another thing:

I backed up my LJ on Dreamwidth, just in case LJ just doesn't come back one day... :(

I'm "urania_hime" on DW, if anyone wants to add me. :)
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Phew, actually I really have to continue working on my field work research report... thingy, but I really don't want to. :/ Well, I'll continue in 5 minutes. Yes. Totally.

Aaaanyway, like maybe some of you know, I'm going on a short holiday to Norway in a few days. Finally a chance to test my crazy Norwegian language skills. :P I bet they'll just answer me in English... "Jeg snakker ikke engelsk" will be my words of choice then. :P

Sooo, I wanted to ask if anyone would like a postcard? :) I really like postcards, they're so nifty! And I like writing them, too, so it's a win all around. ;)
If you want one, just drop me a note here! When you're address hasn't changed and you've already given it to me, I might be able to find it again... ;) otherwise just give me your address! :)

Comments are screened! :)

Wheee~ Norway!

Oh, and another question if anybody knows:
I have applied with Erasmus and got a place, yadda yadda, but now the university just doesn't... contact me. :( Is that normal? How long can it take? When is it not considered pushy to write a mail to ask?

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The subject line doesn't have anything to do with, well, anything, I just watched the film yesterday and liked it and needed a subject line. Also I AM TOTALLY A STAR, TOO! :P

Well, well, if this week went the best possible way it could! :)

If you're friends with me on Twitter, too, I might have already spammed you with my self-centeredness and I'm sorry for that, but yeah, I'm so happy right now! :)

Awesome things to happen to me this week:

- got an 1.3 in my Norwegian oral exam!
- written exams in Norwegian and Interscandinavian (is that a word? xD The subject is about understanding the other Scandinavian languages...) went okay, too, hope I didn't suck too much in Norwegian though xD
- passed the Old Icelandic exam which I never would have thought possible!
- finally got my European Ethnology term paper (from last summer) back and it turns out, I scored a 1.0! That's super awesome since this one grade accounts for my whole side studies (European Ethnology that is ;)) and thus I have 20 SP I finished with a 1.0!

And last but very much not least:


I was accepted for a place in Tromsø! Granted, it was the Erasmus programme which accepts practically everyone, but it's still making me insanely happy! :D I already signed the... "Annahmeerklärung", I don't know what it is in English... acceptance decleration maybe? Oh, well, anyway, I'm going to be there for almost a year, studying at the world's northernmost university and if that's not the epitome of cool (pardon the pun), then I really don't know what is. :)

Tromsø, here I come!

Click me for the uni website! :D

Isn't it pretty~?

And click me for the Tromsø tourist website!

Yeah! :D Oh, and now that uni is over for the semester I guess, I have enough time to post the third and last photo spam about my travel to the Baltic states. It's about Estonia. Does anyone still want to see it? :)

Så, ha det gøy, da, alle sammen! :D

And excuse my crappy English, I keep wanting to use Norwegian prepositions and shit, so that's that... :/
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You guys, I need your advice!

My "problem" is this:

I applied for an Erasmus place in Norway. Twice. One application was with my own institute for Bergen, and the other one was with another institute in Tromsø.
I always said I'd rather go to Tromsø (though I'm not sure why). Today is the deadline and the institutes should tell you whether you get an Erasmus place or not, and now I got a yes for Bergen. Which is cool in and on itself, but it says I should write them whether I would accept immediately. And I haven't heard anything from Tromsø, and now I'm so unsure.
What should I do? Just say yes? Do I really want to go to Tromsø rather than Bergen? I guess Bergen is bigger and not as far away. *sighs*

Heeeelp! D:

If my English is wonky I apologize! I have spent the last days writing/reading almost exclusively in Norwegian... it shows. xD
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My English is positively dreadful these days, so I'd rather write this in German. ;)

Gerade stelle ich mir meinen Stundenplan für nächstes Semester zusammen... ich hoffe, ich schaffe es endlich, auch mal einen Tag (außer des Wochenendes natürlich) freizuhaben! Und von meiner 26/28-Stunden-Woche würde ich auch gern wegkommen, vielen Dank.

Vor allem in Finnisch gibt es ein paar interessante Kurse, z.B. "Kalevala und die finnische Kultur". Kursvoraussetzung: Lektüre zur Einführung: Kalevala-Artikel in der deutschen Wikipedia. Herr-lich. :D

Außerdem gibt es einen Kurs "Fremd- und Zweitsprache", was bestimmt ganz interessant ist, wenn man später in die Lehre einsteigen will, was ich ja eigentlich vorhab, aber der Kurs ist wohl auf Schwedisch. :( Mal schauen...

ETA: So viele Möglichkeiten, ich kann mich kaum entscheiden! D: Ich denke, in Linguistik werde ich den strukturalistischen Kurs ("Sprachwandel in den skandinavischen Sprachen") statt den pragmatischen belegen. Aber bei Literaturwissenschaft? "Kulturtransfer – literarische Wechselbeziehungen zwischen deutsprachigen und skandinavischen Literaturen" oder "Literaturen des Ostseeraumes vs. Nordatlantische Literaturen. Probleme von Kanonisierung und Periodisierung"? Zu Hülfeee! D:
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First things first: A thousand thank yous to you, [livejournal.com profile] robtengel, for the ultra-amazing v-gift with the ubercute message! Let's hug! *hugs* And you can be assured: now that I'm back in Kassel for holidays I eat at least a little healthier (read: products that haven't gone bad) than in Berlin! ;)

So, no university any more right now. I don't know how I feel about it. I mean, it's nice to having to slave away for a change, but it's just... I'm not used to it. And I am afraid I'll lose any Finnish / Norwegian skills I have! I can already feel them slipping away! Woe!
BUT! The exams of which I already now my grades went quite well. I got an 1,3 in the written and the oral Finnish exam. As I did in the oral Norwegian exam. So thank you for anyone who had their fingers crossed for me!! I'm sure a lot is thanks to you. ;)

Well, what else? I'm rewatching Neon Genesis Evangelion right now and, oh god, I had already forgotten how much I love it! :D I love angst in general and EVA is like a whole... ocean full of nothing but! ♥ I'm really looking forward to watching Rebuild but I read it's less angsty and unstable. People say it's a good thing, but I really liked the angstiness and the unstableness. Did anyone here watch it yet and can tell me more about it?

In the rest of my time I have to find out that I suck majorly at Fallout 3. Majorly. There's practically no end to it. But I won't give up yet! I'll just... resume playing Persona 3 see what I can do. :)

Any recommendations of anything for things I can do now that I have time and ignore my ethnology homework? :)

ETA: And I just read that I already bragged with my grades, so please just ignore it! I'm sorry!! D:
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Why don't I ever learn from my mistakes?!

It's always like this: It's late and I'm hungry. In my fridge I have leftover something (when I'm lucky) and yoghurt that's expired. And instead of throwing the stuff away, I EAT IT! D: Because "I guess it's still okay" and "I'm sure it smelled like that yesterday, too..." And then when I'm halfway finished I think "Waaait. It also tastes weird. That can't be good. Hm. ... but oh well, have eaten half now already. might as well finish it." And then I end up like I am now which is with a queasy stomach. I need to buy new stuff to eat when I get back.

Will be leaving for Kassel on Friday, and somehow I don't want to. I just got so used to living here. :/ But I guess it'll be nice.

Also, all of my exams are done (except for the take home test) and I got a 1,3 on all those that I already now my grade of. :) Which is awesome, especially considering Finnish which I cannot speak. xD But I'm just happy. Will have to do some Serious Learning this summer.

Sooo. That's about it. Trying to sleep now feeling all sick. :/ And I will try to be around here more often now that at least the exams are gone... :)

Nähdään! :D
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Hey! :) I actually wanted to write an entry for such a long time, but I didn't find the time because of good ol' university. And I really wanted to write a lot in here today, but I still have to finish one essay and until now I've done nothing than PROCRASTINATE. Urgh. I've just watched the Digimon opening in every language there is (or at least it feels like it). At least the document is already open on my computer... Ethnology is the devil, really.

Well, I just wanted to tell you, I haven't abandoned LJ, and I am going to update once all my (MANY!!) exams are done. At least I find 7 to be many.

My grip on English seems kind of bad these days. Stupid Norwegian, stop occupying my thoughts. :/

Anyway, wish me luck!

And I'm leaving you with some Digimon, of course. ;) For the little child in you.

Embedding doesn't work. Silly YouTube.

The German version is the best of course, hurrhurr. :3
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I wish everyone a happy Easter and good searches for Easter eggs. ;)

But I'm actually here to show off my new timetable for uni 'cause I'm terribly unsure if it good like that. Because you know, I don't have much uni experience yet and don't quite know if my timetable's really practical. I think it is, at least...

So, umm, follow the cut for it and please tell me what you think! :) )

Oh, and another question to those who own a PS3.

Do you have anyone on your contactlist there? 'Cause I don't and it looks so terribly lonely! xD

*hugs y'all*


Jan. 16th, 2010 07:04 pm
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I just don't get anything done these days! D: The only thing that I can feel vaguely okay about is the fact that I actually did my homework. Except for the Hausarbeit. That I still have to do. Right now I have done absolute nothing about it. *sighs*
So what did I do these last days? I read the whole xkcd archive and watched Torchwood. (Only 4 more episodes to go, yay...)
Argh, I'm just so demotivated. :/ Anyone any advice?

And to make this not completely pointless, have an awesomely cute video. I love the Sendung mit der Maus! :D

It also makes me weirdly uncomfortable to see the "2010" in the date. It just seems so surreal. The future is weird.

ETA 'cause I don't wanna make a new entry for it: Just now on Schlag den Raab (yes, I watch it, so what? It reminds me of the 100.000 Mark Show which I loved!) was the most amazing game ever! "Fremdsprachen"! You have to know a noun in German that was read in different foreign languages! I was very good because they have a weird fondness of Scandinavian languages and Finnish. xD I'm just awesome! Now anybody say my studies are useless to my face! Ha!
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Mastering my studies bit by bit! Slow like a snail but making progress none the less! 8D

Seeing as I already spammed you with Finnish stuff you didn't understand, I thought why not spam you with Norwegian you (probably) don't understand? ;) (Also, [livejournal.com profile] isegrim_chan asked for it! Wahaha!)

In class we're reading a children's book at the moment. It's about the outsider Johannes Jensen. Who also is a crocodile.

Anyway, we got the task to describe his leilighet (flat, for you non-Norwegian speaking persons ;D). So there you go...

Okay, I put it behind a cut so you can ignore it if you want to! xD )

It took me way to long to write that... xD *coughs*

Und mal nebenbei hier eine bemerkenswerte Begebenheit. ;) Es verwirrt mich irgendwie mit welcher Selbstverständlichkeit die Leute hier das Wort "Bulette" benutzen. Sogar die Norwegischlehrerin, wie neulich passiert. Es ging um fiskeboller und als Übersetzung meinte die Lehrerin "Also eine Fischbulette!". Da schaut mich Patrick der neben mir sitzt total irritiert an, "Sie meint 'Frikadelle', oder?!" Da hab ich mich mal verstanden gefühlt. xD

ETA: Fiskeboll song! We actually sang that in class...


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