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Dearest f-list!

I have a liiiittle request to make...

I am bored out of my mind these days (mainly because I just keep ignoring university and Finnish. I just don't want to study...) and normally when this happens I read, but thing is: I just haven't been able to find a book that really grabs my interest in months. I'm reading this and that and have about 7 books lying around that I began reading, but just haven't found the motivation to finish...

So, I'd be very glad and happy if anyone could rec my some books? I don't really care about genres, I just want something that, well, just grabs you and doesn't let you go. :)

Sooo, anything in mind? What are your favourite books?

I will be gratefull forever for any recs. ♥
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I guess it's time for an entry.

So I finally was at the Jewish Museum today! :D I wanted to go there since I moved here (and even before that), but the opportunity never quite arose.
Today it did though (a friend had a free ticket and I tagged along), and boy, did I spend a long time there... It was really interesting and in parts really depressing, too. In the beginning of the exhibition they had several items relating to the holocaust and had their stories written beneath them. One was a deportation list to the KZs.
There was this Jewish girl who had to write the list of the people to be deported the following week (I think?). She wrote them till late at night (about four o'clock, every night) and the dread was growing she would have to write down her own name eventually. In the end she borded a deportation train voluntarily, in order to go with her friend.
When reading that I just wanted to cry right then and there.

But of course the museum is also about a lot of other subjects, like everyday Jewish life then and now. My favourite was a recording of interviews with pupils from a Jewish elementary school (kids are so adorable!) and a Batman kippah. :D
I can really recommend this museum if you're ever in Berlin! ♥

The "real" reason for this entry is supposed to be my 2010 book evaluation thing though.

And it's really sad but last year I only read 19 books. And 3 graphic novels. That's some literary fail right there. (This year I wanna make the 50 again, but I won't force myself to read, that never works out enjoyably for me.) Anyway. 19 books. Well, at least it's faster to write and rate them this way, eh?

Here it goes, my list of books 2010 (and probably the only meme-ish thing I will do about 2010) )

So, that's it. God, so few books, I still feel awful. xD

Has anyone of you read any of those and wants to discuss? I'm all for it. ♥

Also if you want to rec me something that'd make me a very happy panda. :D

ETA: Late happy new year, everyone! :D And thank you again for the Christmas cards, [livejournal.com profile] ayawinner, [livejournal.com profile] gothikmaus and [livejournal.com profile] angrylogic, they brightened the dark days so much. ♥
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Ist es ein Flugzeug? Ist es ein Helikopter? Nein, es ist ein BÜCHERMEME!!
Geklaut von [livejournal.com profile] flaschengeist. :)

1. Das Buch, das du zurzeit liest: Viel zu viele. Bin mal wieder in eine Phase reingeschlittert, in der ich unglaublich viel parallel lese, da rauszukommen ist so schwierig! ;)

"Thud!" - Terry Pratchett

"Die Wildente" - Henrik Ibsen (eigentlich für U-Bahnfahrten gekauft (dafür sind Reklamhefte nämlich perfekt!), aber bei Ibsen kann ich so schwer an mich halten! xD)

"Mein Korea - Drei Jahre im Land der Morgenstille" - Albert Schneider

"Himmelstänzerin" - Shan Sa

"In geheimer Mission" - Fritz Mühlenweg

Und hier geht es weiter! :) )

ETA: Jetzt auch mit Nr. 17! (Huch... xD)
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First things first: [livejournal.com profile] sixtht! Your card arrived today! Thank you so much for such a cute card! I'm literally still smiling! :) (And I couldn't fail to notice that the cards we sent look similar, awesome or scary?) And the post mark said "Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!" in Slovenian and the fact that due to recent research I knew what it meant. I. Felt. So. Awesome. :D But two questions: You have sausages on your stamps? (Okay, one's rhetorical...) Why is the stupid Deutsch Post so expensive?! D:
Thaaaaanks! Hvala! :D

And, [livejournal.com profile] robtengel, I think I never got around to probably thank you for your card! :D It arrived on time and I thought it was very cute! :) And I didn't find it impersonal as you it'd be either. Danke schön dafür! :D

Okay, on to other things: Books.
I thought long and hard whether I should rate and review the books I read this year like I did with the ones last year, but really? I'm too lazy now, and I don't really have time either. So I'll just give you the list. But PLEASE, if you want my opinion on one or a few, ask, I'd be happy to overshare my opinion... >D

On this list are all books I read, except the children's books which are more pictures than text and the approximate 20 (I'm not lying...) books I ready for my Abitur. :) )

Interesting, wasn't it? ;) I didn't quite manage the 50 as I wanted to, but I really don't mind. :) ... Now that I see this list here, I still think about rating them. Maybe in another post... Would anyone be interested in that? :)

Also, let me share with the world how ridiculously happy I am that Jernej Damjan doesn't suck a skijumping anymore! :D He desserves to be good so much! :D
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Geklaut von [livejournal.com profile] robtengel und dann noch bei [livejournal.com profile] flaschengeist gesehen. Und dann wollt ich natürlich auch! xD

Der Nachthimmel, der ganz frei von Wolken war, wies in der Ferne, über Ostberlin, schon einen hellen Schimmer auf [...] )
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LJ doesn't let me comment or answer comments for two days now! >(
When I posted this Finland entry it took me about 100 tries, and now this?! Grrr...
So, you might have to wait some more till I get around to answer comments, but as soon as I can, I will! Promise! :)

In other good news (good for me at least, hehe...):
The book department in Galeria Kaufhof is quite shitty at most times, but now they had a sale on some travel guides! :D I just LOVE travel guides, I love to read them before I go to bed, and the imagine trips to just about everywhere as I fall asleep. It may be a little weird, but it just makes me so happy. :)
And now they had them for only 1€ each! Of course I couldn't resist and bought three... They mostly had stuff about popular destinations during the summer months Turkish beaches, Spanish islands and such, but I found some more interesting ones, or rather ones that I find more interesting. About...
and Dubai.
I've started reading the one about Dubai and this whole country sounds kinda batshit insane to me! xD But that doesn't stop me from saving for a one day stay at Burj Al-Arab...

This brought this site to my mind again. And now, don't tell me you don't kinda think it is weird?

Already looking forward to reading the other two guides! (And hoping to be able to comment soon...)

Oh, and btw, [livejournal.com profile] ai_chi, I just have to ask now since I can't comment, please explain what is the whole story about Ceiling!Mohinder! Please? :)

ETA: Oh yay, seems like I can comment again! :D
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My year wasn’t very exciting, but... okay there is no but. I want to present you a meme anyway! :)

Go to your calendar and find the first entry for each month of 2008 (not including memes of course). Post the first line/sentence of it in your journal, and that's your... idk it cuts off. wtf lol maybe itinerary?

January: [livejournal.com profile] night_songs_93 asked me to do this meme, so this entry is especially for her! :D (See how nice I am? ;D)
February: Zeugnisse, Zeugnisse, Zeugnisse sind coooo~hoool! XD (This was the headline, btw, it continued with: "... meistens jedenfalls. ^^;" Seems like I liked mine! xD)
March: I am so so very bored... clearly this can only result in... (Headline) ... MEME!! :D (Yes, that one’s common...)
April: Today I went to see "Juno"!
May: ... okay, actually the results are kinda non-existing since I didn't really do anything, but well, it's the thought that counts, right?
June: Long time no post, eh? (Headline) ... but that's just because I have nothing to say. :/ (and I still write an entry!)
July: We have a new car! \o/ (And I still miss our old one ;_;)
August: Man, yesterday sure was amazing! xD (IT WAS!)
September: Also, heute habe ich auch endlich mal mein "Cosplay" angefangen/fertig genäht. :) (About Connichi...)
October: So, yeah, I'm back. (I miss Amsterdam! ;_;)
November: So today I got my wisdom teeth pulled. (I only remember AGONY!)
December: Da Rossmann meine Fotos noch nich fertig entwickelt hat und ich mich jetzt höchstens suboptimal vorm Lernen für Kunst drücken kann, gibt's jetzt mal 'n Entry. xD (Haha, I suck...)

Now that was interesting, wasn’t it? I know it wasn’t, shut up. Proves how exciting my year was! XD

And now let’s proceed with a list of all the books I read this year. And let’s have my opinion on them, too. ;)

It seems like I was studious: books read = 56! )

Wow, that was a lot! xD Does that now prove how well-read I am? ;D

If you’ve got any questions or want to discuss, please do! :)
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So, I just wrapped presents and wrote some cards and did all the Christmassy stuff you usually do this time of year, but then I was about to wrap the present for my cousin/godson and... well, he's getting that book for Christmas:

wo ist meine schwester

And I just... I can't do eeeet. 'Cause I want to keep it... *coughs* I decided to read it and now I just... I LOVE IT SO MUCH! IT'S SO PRETTY!
It has pictures like this: wo ist meine schwester 2
And even prettier ones. (I don't have batteries for my camera at the moment, otherwise I would have taken some photos.) The book's drawn like one very long picture and it's so awesome and surreal and I can get lost staring at it. *sighs* I know they say "It is more blessed to give than to receive" but, but... I just want one, too! It's the prettiest book I ever saw!
When Christmas is over and I still hav money left, I'm so gonna buy a copy...

Ah btw, thanks again, [livejournal.com profile] darth_funk (and also [livejournal.com profile] schattenstern), for granting my icon wishes. I don't think I can ever stop using it! xD

ETA: Oh, and sorry if I'm spamming your flist... (I apologize but I don't change things, wow, I suck...)
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Ich hasse Sie. Aus den tiefsten Gründen meiner Seele und jetzt noch viel mehr als damals, als Sie das Schöne-Wochenende-Ticket auf nur einen Tag gekürzt haben. Ja, ich habe auch nicht gedacht, dass das möglich ist, aber Sie haben mich mal wieder überrascht!

Nun habe ich erfahren, dass Ihr Hessenticket wochentags erst ab neun Uhr gilt und ich bin, gelinde gesagt, angepisst. Es ist ja überhaupt schon ganz großer Betrug, dass das Drecksding nicht einfach 24 Stunden gilt, aber jetzt auch noch das, Sie haben sich mal wieder übertroffen!

Ich persönlich denke jetzt ernsthaft darüber nach, einfach mit dem Auto nach Frankfurt/Darmstadt zu fahren und auf Sie zu scheißen.


Franziska Götz

Btw, ich war am Mittwoch auf einer Lesung von Oliver Uschmann (die "Hartmut und ich"-Reihe) und es war ganz genial und lustig und wunderbar. Wir saßen in der ersten Reihe und mann, was hab ich gelacht! :D
Also, eine Lesung von Herrn Uschman (oder Oli, wie er unterschreibt (das Buch, mit total netter Widmung!)) kann ich jedem nur empfehlen. Seine Bücher auch, auch wenn sie teilweise etwas abgefahren sind. xD Aber sehr lustig. xD
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Awesome book meme snagged from [livejournal.com profile] jurindel. :)

Notes: I will list list the books that are originally German under the German tile and give the English title in small parentheses (if it exists and differs). :) Books I read in German but are originally English, I will list under the English name and do the parenthesis thing with the German title.
Books I read in English I’ll just list under the English title. xD
Not complicated at all, eh? xD

Aaaaand, there we go! )

Movies. <3

May. 20th, 2008 09:02 pm
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Today my friend Katharina and I went to the movies to watch "What Happens in Vegas..." and I have to admit... I like this film. A lot. xD Sometimes I just need to see some romantic comedy stuff. :) And I think Ashton Kutcher looks cute! xD

Another thing I have to admit: I actually liked Spiderman 3 most of the trilogy. (Bought it today. :)) But that could have to do with Harry eating pie and smiling. xD *points at icon* I just thought it was a funny film. With Peter dancing and thinking he was the coolest. xDDD Ahh~ have to watch it tomorrow. :)

Oh, and I bought the novel "Berlin Alexanderplatz" written by Alfred Döblin. I really like the writing style. And I want to be a little more informed about the "Neue Sachlichkeit", I think it was an interesting epoch. :)

Wow, that was blah, wasn't it?

I should never have uploaded this icon, I can't stop staring at it. *squee* So adorable!
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Leute, ihr kennt doch sicher "Die Leiden des jungen Werther"? Sagt mal, wie fandet ihr das?

Die meisten (sprich: alle???), die ich so kenn finden es nämlich scheiße. Aber ich finde es ganz, ganz toll. Es ist eine der wenigen Deutschlektüren, die ich in nur einer Nacht durchgelesen hab (... die einzige, denke ich. Achja, und Woyzeck auch, aber das ist so kurz, dass es nicht zählt!) und ich mag dieses Buch! Ich hab es sogar just for fun nochmal gelesen. ._.

Aber ich bin doch da nicht die einzige? Oder?? o.o
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Meme time:

You Act Like You Are 17 Years Old

You are a teenager at heart. You don't quite feel like a grown up yet, but you don't feel like a kid.
You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

You're quite rebellious, and you don't like being told what to do. You like to do things your way.
You have your own unique style, taste in music, and outlook on life.

Somehow I like that, I always thought 17 was the best, and well, I act really close to my age, guess that's a good thing. ^-^

This weekend I read two really cute books. Howl's Moving Castle and Castle in the Air. I have to admit that I love them. I just couldn't stop reading. Heh~ *cuddles her books*
I think Howl's Moving Castle was made into an anime by Ghibli, but I really have to say that the book was A LOT better than the anime.
Point of this? Really, I don't know. XD They're just good books. And I love Howl.

... Howl. <3

(There should be more fanfic of it, it's so lovely!)

Oh, and then I have a question, has anyone of you read any books by Diana Wynne Jones and can rec any? Okay, thanks. ^-^
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Mir war mal wieder langweilig (ui, is' mir ja sonst nie!) und da hab ich mir die HP-Cover, die es so rund um die Welt gibt angeschaut. Jetzt muss ich sagen, es gibt schöne... und weniger schöne! xD

Und jetzt hab ich eine Hitlist (oder sowas in der Art) gemacht. ^^ Ja, mir war sehr langweilig. Aber dafür gibt's jetzt in meinem LJ viele Harry Potter-Bilder schöne Bilder. :)

Und am siebten Tag schuf Gott die Langeweile... )

Tja, was soll ich sagen? Vielleicht bin ich zu leicht zu begeistern. XD Tja, und wenn schon, dann bin ich eben begeistert. ;)

HAHAHA, mir war seeehhhr langweilig! ;D
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Mich hat's erwischt, diese Grippewelle, richtig übel! Ich könnt heulen, ich hab Kopfschmerzen und kann nicht richtig atmen und mir ist schwindelig! Und jetzt hab ich nichts besseres zu tun als jammern... Übel übel...

Und jetzt schau ich Dr. House. Aber nur weil's kommt, eben hab ich CSI: Miami geschaut! :) Ich mag Ryan! Hehehe~... Und nachher kommen noch neue Folgen Monk, das ist auch immer schön skurril. Überhaupt sind Serien was ganz tolles! Ärzteserien erst! Emergency Room natürlich, aber ich glaube Scrubs mag ich am liebsten. :) Und warum erzähl ich solchen Unsinn? Ach, ich hab einfach nichts zu sagen...

Hmm... was könnte ich noch schreiben? Achja, ich hab jetzt das Parfum gelesen! Das kann ich echt jedem empfehlen, so ein tolles Buch! Und gruselig, ein bisschen, irgendwie... Aber das Ende ist... seltsam... Irgendwie nicht so, wie man denken würde. Lest es auch mal!

So, ich mach jetzt mal schluss, Byebye! *waves*


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