Aug. 1st, 2012

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First off: Wearning high heels (lol high, like 5 cm) all day, how do people do it?? My feet are killing meee. I love those shoes and they do look "dressy" enough for work, but maybe I'll still have to wear flats tomorrow... /shoe rambling

Yeah, so I survived my first day of my work placement! Yaaay!! :D The people in the firm seem very nice, and they have like 4 students working there, haha. Kinda hoping the boss will ask me to stay too after my two months are over... One of the girls told me he practically asks everyone, so fingers crossed!

Hmm yeah, there's not much to tell about my first day. My computer needed all day to install, so I just read up on natural gas related things, thrilling. It was all right though. At the end I translated some notes about pipelines and stuff into English, so I already have the first thing I can pretend to have done so my uni will recognise it, kekekeke.

Other than that... not much happening. Back in Berlin in my old flat in my old room and it's pretty chill so far. Haven't met my one new flatmate yet, only the girl I've lived together before is here right now, but I've heard she's nice.

And now you'll have to excuse me, I'll celebrate my survival with some cheap wine, ~living the life.


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