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First things first: A thousand thank yous to you, [livejournal.com profile] robtengel, for the ultra-amazing v-gift with the ubercute message! Let's hug! *hugs* And you can be assured: now that I'm back in Kassel for holidays I eat at least a little healthier (read: products that haven't gone bad) than in Berlin! ;)

So, no university any more right now. I don't know how I feel about it. I mean, it's nice to having to slave away for a change, but it's just... I'm not used to it. And I am afraid I'll lose any Finnish / Norwegian skills I have! I can already feel them slipping away! Woe!
BUT! The exams of which I already now my grades went quite well. I got an 1,3 in the written and the oral Finnish exam. As I did in the oral Norwegian exam. So thank you for anyone who had their fingers crossed for me!! I'm sure a lot is thanks to you. ;)

Well, what else? I'm rewatching Neon Genesis Evangelion right now and, oh god, I had already forgotten how much I love it! :D I love angst in general and EVA is like a whole... ocean full of nothing but! ♥ I'm really looking forward to watching Rebuild but I read it's less angsty and unstable. People say it's a good thing, but I really liked the angstiness and the unstableness. Did anyone here watch it yet and can tell me more about it?

In the rest of my time I have to find out that I suck majorly at Fallout 3. Majorly. There's practically no end to it. But I won't give up yet! I'll just... resume playing Persona 3 see what I can do. :)

Any recommendations of anything for things I can do now that I have time and ignore my ethnology homework? :)

ETA: And I just read that I already bragged with my grades, so please just ignore it! I'm sorry!! D:
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I wish everyone a happy Easter and good searches for Easter eggs. ;)

But I'm actually here to show off my new timetable for uni 'cause I'm terribly unsure if it good like that. Because you know, I don't have much uni experience yet and don't quite know if my timetable's really practical. I think it is, at least...

So, umm, follow the cut for it and please tell me what you think! :) )

Oh, and another question to those who own a PS3.

Do you have anyone on your contactlist there? 'Cause I don't and it looks so terribly lonely! xD

*hugs y'all*
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Sadly, you can only view this as a preparation for a new entry. (God, I haven't written something in English for such a long time! It's all... rusty.)

Actually, quite some stuff happened since my last update, but I've just been too lazy to tell. :/

But I could possibly tell you lots of things! :D And I promised to write more often in the future.

So... I could tell you about...

My new flat! :D But I'd rather do that with photos and stuff when I'm back in Berlin. ;) Let's just say for now, it's big, I like it, but I hate that's on the ground floor. (What's "Erdgeschoss" in English anyway?)

My opinion on the oh so popular films Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Sherlock Holmes. Because I couldn't quite get why they were oh so popular...

How I loved Final Fantasy XIII and how I don't get all the hate. I could understand if some people don't like it, but the constant bashing? I guess that's because FF is such a popular "brand". I bet the same people who fawn over VII, would hate on it so much if it was released now, but meh.

Other than that? Apocalytptic storm today was apocalyptic!

Will be back writing more. ;)
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I just played Tetris for 5 hours straight and now I see bricks and incomplete rows everwhere.


... I don't think I can sleep now. Or ever again...
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*sighs* I hate not being on the Internet, all the catching up you have to do is really stressful. ._.

Okay, but I just want to make a game recommendation! XD Just go play Kingdom Hearts II, it's such a cute game. :3 The first part already was cute and fun, but the second one is even better. :D So many lovable characters, such a cute story and all those pretty Disney worlds. <3 Heehee.

I waited a long time before I bought it (and I only did cause it was a special offer, but I'm so glad I did ^^;), mainly because I thought KH: Chain of Memories was kinda boring. But so are many GB games. And the characters were okay, hehe, I like Larxene, she's cute! XD

Anyway, now I played it, and I finished it, and I loved it!

Oh, it's a game that makes fangirls happy, I mean, it just slashes itself... *giggles* Yay for Roxas! XD

*wanders off in a fangirly haze to hunt down fanfiction*

PS: Hat euch das "umgestaltete" Animexx am Anfang auch verwirrt? Oder bin ich einfach nur doof?! XD


Oct. 18th, 2006 10:06 pm
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Ha, ich hab heut Skat gespielt! *lach*

Und immerhin, ich hab nicht verloren! ^___^ Ich war zweite! Hatte über 200 Punkte!! Der schelchteste hatte -40 oder so. ^^

Und dabei habe ich mit sehr erfahrenen Spielern gespielt! Das nenn ich jetzt einfach meinen persönlichen Sieg! *lol*



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