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So, I'm not sure whether you guys know, but I'm sharing my flat with two other girls, one of whom I like, but the other one... I can't fucking stand her. She doesn't clean up after herself and she's just generally annoying and a twat, ugh. And I'm pretty sure she's actually rich so it just rubs me the wrong way when she says "it's so hip to live in this part of Berlin in such a cheap flat!". Ugh. I didn't "choose" her as a flatmate either, my other flatmate did while I was in Norway...

Anyway, I think she wants to move out now (might have to do with me being a dick to her, oops) and where does she want to move? To the 900€ flat above ours... Well, well... Ugh, I just hope she leaves soon... And today she's apparently holding court or something. The doorbell rings every few minutes and strangers keep crowding our flat. It wouldn't annoy me had she actually told me about it. :/ But she gives her key away to her guests while she's in another city so it really shouldn't surprise me... Oh well, I just hope those strangers are here to talk with her about sharing the flat above ours with her so she's leaving soon. :)

Sorry that this entry had no purpose, I just wanted to rant.
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Hei world!

I'm still in Norway and still find everything to be pretty awesome! :D

Actually, I just made a post to share a silly little thing with you because I need to share this. Because it's awesome.

So, as you know, I live in a student housing complex. (I really like my flatmates btw. :3))

A few days ago we got a note in our hallway (of our flat, I don't even know why the housekeeper is allowed to just wander in?! I find that a bit scary to be honest). The note said that we should please remove our shoes from our hallway (because in a case of emergency and blahblah). Obviously we keep our shoes there and not in our rooms because 1) we don't want to traipse through the flat with our shoes and get dirt everywhere and 2) that would be stupid.
So everyone saw the note and was just like "lol, how about no" and ignoring it. THEN we get another note saying they will remove our shoes and throw them away if we don't do it ourselves. Uhhmmm. Well, whatever. We took them in our rooms, but everybody was just like "whatever, we'll just put them back after they've checked".

But apparently that wasn't enough for Håvard who just taped a not over the note saying something along the lines of "the shoes are not hindering anybody from getting out in a case of emergency, so I don't see the necessity of removal, we will comply, but still think it's stupid. Also, we will put them back in winter, just saying."

And he even signed it. xD I love my flatmates so much. xD

Also, written out it sounds kinda lame, sorry, but it really made me laugh. :3


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