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Dec. 5th, 2012 09:50 pm
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Oops, I just noticed I haven't updated my journal in quite a while... again. Twitter is giving me this sense of being social online, but still, I shouldn't abandon a journal quite so badly. ;) Although I'm thinking of switching the actual journal over to Dreamwidth since I made a new account with I name I actually like there: urania, just my name without any frills there, yay! So if you're on DW too, please add that account? :) I'm not sure yet though, I'm still quite attached to my trusty old LJ... At least I'll try not to forget to read my reading page over there! :)

Oh, and I actually don't know if I wrote about that here yet, but this semester I'm doing a Polish course! It's a lot of fun so far, and not that difficult yet which is good. I keep accidentally writing Finnish conjunctions and stuff instead of Polish ones, though... Haha, I hope my brain stops messing around with that soon. On Friday we're actually having a test, I haven't studied for it yet because I've been busy with research for another course. :s Our topic is "Whaling" in the context of Atlantic Studies, it's actually quite okay. I think my group is kind of lazy though and when even I think that...

I've started a diet, but I already don't like it. Advent/Christmas just isn't the best time for it. xD Still, cross your fingers for me not abandoning it. :P

I apologise for the randomness that is this post...
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