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Well, well, I meant to write and entry for ages now, but let's be honest, my life was pretty boring the last two months...

Anyway, now I'm done with my internship, and I'm really not as happy about its end as I thought I would be. Don't get me wrong, I really didn't like it there. xD Just... I don't know, maybe I haven't realised it yet that I'm ~free~ now, haha. And I will miss the money. I should really try to find some student job... but first I'll get a dog! And then see how well it copes with being alone? Well, we'll see.

I'm really excited about my future dog already! I've missed having a pet loads. I'm a bit worried because I never had a dog though. But first time for everything, right? And it's not like I'm an irresponsible idiot. xD Even my mother who started out hating the idea has come round to it somewhat. :)

Okay, what else... Oh, right, anyone want a postcard? ;) Next weekend I'll be going to London to visit two friends for a few days, really looking forward to it! So if you like getting postcards as much as I do, feel free to pm me your address. :)

That's it for now~. I swear I'll try updating more often, haha.
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I actually wanted to write a really long entry for a change, but now I'm already about to turn my computer off. I have loads of unread books and I better get on that.

First off: Thank you all soooo much for the nice birthday wishes!! I was so happy to read them! :) You are all too nice to me, haha. <3
My birthday was pretty awesome, as were the presents. MY MOTHER GOT ME A KEYBOARD!! I can't play at all of course, but I really want to learn! I always wanted to so now I can't wait to start, ahhhhh.

My internship is going ok, but it's super boring. I've spent way too much time just not doing my tasks because I actually couldn't deal with their boringness... oops.

What else? I've been thinking about getting a dog (for quite a while now, more than half a year, so don't think I'm rushing that decision. And I'm still not done thinking it through...) and I might? I just really think my life would improve by 100% by having a dog, and especially now I have enough time to care for one, soooo... maybe. :3

Something that sucks: We had a break-in on Monday and my Playstation, Nintendo DS + games are gone. :/ Luckily I had my laptop with me!!! (It was during the daytime.) But yeah, I'm insured at least, so I hope I can at least buy a new Playstation soon, I miss watching my blurays too. I bought all those Norwegian ones and can't watch them on my laptop.

Yep yep, that's it for now.
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First off: Wearning high heels (lol high, like 5 cm) all day, how do people do it?? My feet are killing meee. I love those shoes and they do look "dressy" enough for work, but maybe I'll still have to wear flats tomorrow... /shoe rambling

Yeah, so I survived my first day of my work placement! Yaaay!! :D The people in the firm seem very nice, and they have like 4 students working there, haha. Kinda hoping the boss will ask me to stay too after my two months are over... One of the girls told me he practically asks everyone, so fingers crossed!

Hmm yeah, there's not much to tell about my first day. My computer needed all day to install, so I just read up on natural gas related things, thrilling. It was all right though. At the end I translated some notes about pipelines and stuff into English, so I already have the first thing I can pretend to have done so my uni will recognise it, kekekeke.

Other than that... not much happening. Back in Berlin in my old flat in my old room and it's pretty chill so far. Haven't met my one new flatmate yet, only the girl I've lived together before is here right now, but I've heard she's nice.

And now you'll have to excuse me, I'll celebrate my survival with some cheap wine, ~living the life.
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So today I had a muuuch feared dentist appointment (the first of two). Last year my dentist basically told me they had to do something about nearly ALL my teeth and fillings and blah blah, so I had two, one for each side because you can't anaesthetise both sides at the same time.

And then I went today and...

...nothing?? I don't even know how that happened! He looked at it and was already like "wait your teeth are actually quite good" and then he made two x-rays and yep, nothing to do now. I was so glad but weirdly anxious, haha. I kept asking BUT ARE YOU SURE??? Because I don't want something overlooked, but yes, he was. So I could just walk away unscathed, so glad!! And I'm so glad I didn't go in Norway even when I was worrying myself sick, what a waste of money that would've been.

In other news, I was in Berlin a few days ago for an interview for an internship, and I got it, yay!! Finally! Now I only have to worry how I get my boss to give me somthing to do about Scandinavia so I can get the points from the internship for my BA, but for now I'll be happy. But I have to buy "business clothes" which I definitely don't want to, but oh well, you can't have everything. xD
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I said I would post more often and I did not.

But I still don't have anything noteworthy to say. I'm spending my time ignoring any responsibilities, reading too little of my uni readings and watching TV... I have been all caught up on Game of Thrones for a while now which makes it annoying that I have to wait for new episodes. Then last week I watched all of Life on Mars (RIP all my feelings because of the ending), so now I need a new show to watch. If anyone has any suggestions, please, go ahead!

My computer has been super slow and annoying for the last few days. I'm thinking about formatting the harddrive and reinstalling Windows, but I'm so scared I won't manage to make the correct settings for my Internet again, so I will be Internet less at home... or last time I reinstalled it, it was all weird and almost didn't work, and what will I do if my Compuer simply refuses to work after that?? Haha... so maybe I better wait until I can't live with its slowness anymore...

In other news I applied for internships here in Tromsø. I wrote 13 applications and so far have only received on rejection and nothing else. >:( This is not how I want these things to go... Oh well, maybe tomorrow I'll write some applications for Germany. :/

PS: I do not enjoy the new look of the lj cut, are they being serious with that? Looks shit to be honest.
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Hehe, I haven't posted anything in quite a while, have I? Oh well...

I don't have a lot to say except... FERIEN! :D Finally, my work experience is over (\o/) and I'm freeee~! Wow, that was annoying... and boooring. -_- But now I can quit complaining 'cause it's oveeeeeeeeer!

Okay... my life is uneventful, I don't know what to say... -_-

Err, I bought a new concert tickets! Yes~! "Die Ärzte & Gäste" in Uelzen. And I'm really excited about the Gäste aspect of this concert 'cause there will be Sportfreunde Stiller *points at journal title* and Mando Diao playing. :) And I'll be going there with Katha and [livejournal.com profile] isegrim_chan. By train. 'Cause, you know. I crashed the car. *cough*

And I have been terrible with f-list reading, but I was busy. :/ I'll try to catch up. ^-^

And here, to make this post a little less pointless: Cordoba, wie es wirklich war.

Kampagne gegen Tristesse, Teil 2 )

Und wenn man schon mal beim Thema is': SCHLAND! Ich hoffe, wir gewinnen. :D
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So I said I was going to complain about my "Praktikum" (and I still don't know the English word but I guess it could be work experience) and now I will...

But you know it isn't really that bad, mostly just quite boring. I have to do the same things a lot... one day, I had to call what felt like every German city there is. Every! To get some press lists, and having to say the same thing over and over again is so... blah! (I liked calling in Bavaria, they said "Grüß Gott"! And the guy from Kiel was very nice. :)) Most of the other time I had to copy adresses and phone numbers and stuff from one index into another index. Something like two days straight... I guess I'm just not cut out for repetitive work. -_- And today I had to compare numbers from one chart to numbers (I had to add) on another chart. And the numbers were TINY! I felt so tired when I was finished.
And no one talks to me there. ): During my lunch break I read "Buddenbrooks" (which I have to read for my German class) and I'm already on page 150...
All in all this "Praktikum" still is a lot better than the last one I did... I'll never work at a hotel!

And now on to things more fun, A MEME! :D

1. Reply to THIS post, and I will select four of your userpics that I like.
2. Make a entry and talk about the icons I have chosen.
3. Other people will then comment on your entry and you will do the same as I have done for you.
4. Thus creating a NEVER ENDING of icon faggotry.

[livejournal.com profile] jurindel gave me these icons. :)

And now let's see what I have to say... if I have anything to say... Uhm... )
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Okay, zuerst mal kurz was auf Deutsch! Ich habe endlich einen Praktikumsplatz! :DDD~ Yay~~~!! Und zwar beim Wartberg Verlag. War heute da zu einem Vorstellungsgespräch. (Natürlich hab ich mich aufm Weg dreimal verfahren, der Verlag liegt aufm Land. War so klar! -_-) Und was ich da so zu sehen kriege klingt schon sehr interessant! :D Kann da u.a. im Lektorat mithelfen.
Da freu ich mich doch schon fast aufs Praktikum. ;)


Okay, and let's continue in English! :D Today, [livejournal.com profile] isegrim_chan and I met to drink coffee (I <3 it! xD) and watch Jumper (which I <3 less! xD). So here's my movie review. ;)

I thought the film was okay. No, I really did. I didn't expect too much from the beginning and yeah, it met my non-expectations.
I don't think Hayden Christensen is as sexy as he thinks he is, but I like Jamie Bell. He's cute! :3 And I liked his role. Hayden Christensen's role (David) was kinda annoying and I really didn't like Millie. She was... well, annoying. :/ The story didn't really impress me either, but, hey, was okay.
BUT! Cut for spoiler for the end... )

I'd give this film a... 4/10. ^-^ It's... the German word is "kurzweilig". That's what this film is. (I think in English it's... entertaining? But this isn't quite the right word. It doesn't describe this film as good as "kurzweilig" does. /linguistic nitpickery)

So, let's have some memes, shall we? I stole all those from [livejournal.com profile] flamie_chan. 'Cause she's curious what my results would be. :)

And of course there's a cut for this many memes. ;) )
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Soo, jetzt hab ich endlich meine Bewerbungen fürs Praktikum fertig. Puh... meine Schultern fühlen sich ungefähr 100 Tonnen leichter an! ;) Morgen geh ich zur Post. :)

Warum zwingt uns unsere Schule überhaupt ein Praktikum zu machen? Sonst ist das nicht verpflichtend...

Hab mich bei der Unibibliothek, Stadtbibliothek, Jugendbücherei, beim Wartberg Verlag und Bärenreiter Verlag (die verlegen klassische Musik! XD) beworben. ^-^ Drückt mir die Daumen für die Jugendbücherei! :DDD


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