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Ich hab endlich meinen Führerschein! :DDD Gleich beim ersten Versuch bestanden, ich bin so happy. :) (Prüfung war eine nervliche Hölle... ._.) Hab jetzt ständig den Drang Auto zu fahren (was ich natürlich nicht sinnlos tue...). Ich fühle mich so erwachsen! XD

... OMG, FÜHRERSCHEIN! *es immer noch nicht fassen kann*
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Bestanden, ohoho! *dance*

Hehe, Theorie, dich hab ich in der Tasche, praktische Prüfung, ich kommääää!!! :D

Haha, heute Theorie mit 0 Fehlerpunkten bestanden. Ich wäre fast vor Aufregung gestorben, weil ich als einzige so lang auf das Ergebnis warten musste. War auch die einzige Fahrschülerin, bei der kein Fahrlehrer dabei war. :/ Naja, egal jetzt! Geschafft! Jippie! :D
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Hey there.

So it happened, it almost happened. I almost hit this Chihuahua. But I didn't, instead I slammed on the brakes, which killed the engine, and almost crashed into a bus. It wasn't my fault. At least partly. This stupid chick with her stupid little rat! She just had to run on the fucking road, didn't she? I was so ticked off after that (and quite scared as well) that my driving really sucked and now my driving instructor probably thinks I'm mental or something and will never let me take my driving test. Yesterday, I knew something bad was going to happen. Dammit! *still furious when thinking about it*

And wanna know what also makes me furious? Fucking Pro7 bought "Supernatural" like years ago and still they don't air it. On the website they say something like fall 2007. Hmph... I so hope they'll stick with that. Stupid German TV! >.<

So sorry, for all the anger.

PS: The heading is from a German exam about two weeks ago, yeah, there are some nerds in my class! His text is so hilarious! :D


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