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Wow, I haven't written an entry in forever!

I don't really know why, I guess I just didn't have anything interesting to say and when I did (Northern lights!), I was too lazy to make a proper entry about it.

I hope nobody deleted me from their friends list yet! I'll really try to be a bit more active again. :) And LJ really is my favourite place on the Internet, so I shouldn't abandon it like that...

So, yeah, I hope everyone has been doing fine. This is just a quick I AM ALIVE post since I think it makes it easier to write a few actual entries later. :) Because even though there hasn't been much happening with me, I'd still like to talk a bit about my Sami classes which I am really enjoying even if I'm a bit too lazy. Other than that life's like always. It's winter so I'm not even going out anymore, just continue being curled up in my room (which I like, haha).
Not even my job calls me to work these days, so I just get lazier and lazier... But no worries, let's hope spring is on its way even though everything here is still covered in more snow than you can imagine! xD

Yeah, so what I've done these past days is: 1) tried to get into Eurovision mood with all the countries choosing their acts! Never too early for Eurovision feelings, I think.
2) watched 5 seasons of Doctor Who, now I'm all caught up, haha. <3
3) tried elk salami for the first time. It is good.

So yeah, living the life! <3 I hope everyone's doing fine. I tried not to abandon my flist too much, but if it came across like that, I'm sorry. Hugs for you all!


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