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Like I told you, I'm back home. :)

Iceland was very, very awesome and I love it there. ♥ More, a post with pictures (if you like?) is to follow sometime later. :)

Now there will be a lot of reading old LJ entries... xD Catching up is so much work!

More information soon, coming to a LJ near you.

And, [livejournal.com profile] ai_chi, look what happened!
This is a speacial ai_chi cut! (Or for anyone that likes green. :)) )
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So today (as all other days of last week) I really, really should have learned maths for the "Abi" and I also kind of... wanted to. (Well, not really, but I didn't not want either.) And what was it that I did?

I sewed that hat I wanted (the one I showed you) and I painted a T-shirt (which [livejournal.com profile] isegrim_chan also did. :))

And now that it's already too late to do anything, I thought "why don't I show the results to my fabulous f-list?"

And now I do... :)

meine mütze
I'm pretty happy how it turned out so have some pics. :) )

I think my hat sewing skills are pretty decent. :) *is very happy*

And this is the shirt:
I looked stupid... and please ignore that the mirror is kinda splotchy...- )

Pretty, y/n? :D Also, do you get it? GET IT? :D

ETA: Link to [livejournal.com profile] isegrim_chan's pretty, PRETTY shirt: linkylink PIE! :D
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I love hats. I think they're one of the most awesome clothes. And I want this one!


Doesn't it look all cuddly and comfortable and warm? *sighs* I wish I could have it. But after hours of research when I finally found out where to buy it, it seems like it's only available in Norway. Damn you, Norway! D: Also, it's expensive... But looks so cuddly! *sighs loudly*

I might have to sew it myself... Anyone any ideas? Or patterns?

*pouts and wants cuddly hat*

I wouldn't say no to cuddly Tom Hilde either... ;D


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