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So today I had a muuuch feared dentist appointment (the first of two). Last year my dentist basically told me they had to do something about nearly ALL my teeth and fillings and blah blah, so I had two, one for each side because you can't anaesthetise both sides at the same time.

And then I went today and...

...nothing?? I don't even know how that happened! He looked at it and was already like "wait your teeth are actually quite good" and then he made two x-rays and yep, nothing to do now. I was so glad but weirdly anxious, haha. I kept asking BUT ARE YOU SURE??? Because I don't want something overlooked, but yes, he was. So I could just walk away unscathed, so glad!! And I'm so glad I didn't go in Norway even when I was worrying myself sick, what a waste of money that would've been.

In other news, I was in Berlin a few days ago for an interview for an internship, and I got it, yay!! Finally! Now I only have to worry how I get my boss to give me somthing to do about Scandinavia so I can get the points from the internship for my BA, but for now I'll be happy. But I have to buy "business clothes" which I definitely don't want to, but oh well, you can't have everything. xD
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