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I really don't know why I take ages these days to write an entry on livejournal, but finally, here is my little report or whatever from my uni excursion to Trondheim!

I didn't take a lot of pictures really, but the Internet was glad to help out. ;)

Yeah, so we went there to see an Ibsen play in the theatre, but it was more like a proper little holiday and I had so much fun!

So we flew to Trondheim Thursday, a week ago, and it's just so unusual to me to take a plane going places in the same country! But it certainly is a lot faster than anything else, seeing there isn't even a train this far north and Trondheim is after all more than 1000 km away from Tromsø.

The airport in Trondheim is about 45 minutes away from the city with bus which I thought was nice cause we got to at least see a bit of the landscape there through the bus window. It looks so nice there, I really want to go there when I have more time, and go hiking or something like that.
We arrived at 1 pm and could already check into our hotel which was really nice since then I didn't have to carry my bag around. Granted, I didn't have a lot of luggage for one night, but it still was nice, you know. And we even stayed at a proper hotel (even if the lecturer kind of apologised 10 times it was "only" a budget one, the hotel was great!) and everyone had their own room! I am not used to things like that, haha. It was a cute little room, and I was the only one to have one on the third floor. I am jealous of the possibly better view other had, I just had a wall, haha. ;)

The we were left to wander around the city a bit and do touristy things. On my way to the Nidarosdomen I met Mart who is an exchange student from the Netherlands and was on that trip too (side note: we were 6 people, 2 Norwegian students, the lecturer, and 3 exchange students, me, Mart and Sally from the US), so we wandered around a bit, but were to cheap to pay for a ticket to go inside the cathedral. But it looked nice from outside as well!

And this is the front with a lot of statues of holy figures! It looks so nice and pretty big and overwhelming:

We wandered around a bit more since the weather was really nice - no snow and 13°C!! :D I saw a random deer statue which I found really cute so I had to take a picture, haha.

After that I kind of forgot about my camera which now annoys me quite a lot... oh well.

Anyway, then we went to a nice Italian restaurant and had wine with out food! Two bottles of nice wine in Norway in a restaurant!! It must have been so expensive! But it tasted good and I felt like a proper adult drinking wine with my lunch/dinner. :)
And we talked Norwegian the whole time, it was good not talking English for a bit and to see that I can have conversations in Norwegian too. :) I really liked almost everyone on that trip as well, and we had a laugh generally. Only Sally, the American girl, was really annoying. She has such a shrill voice and no table manners and talks too much. On the second day I found out no one really likes her and I felt a bit better that I wasn't just being too harsh on her or anything. We still treated her nicely tho, so now worries. ;)

After the food we went to the theatre to see Gjengangere. It was such a cool theatre room, with a stage on three sites and we sat between them on swively chairs!

Here is a really nice slideshow and some Norwegian info about the play: http://www.trondelag-teater.no/forestillinger/2012/gjengangere/

It is one of my favourite Ibsen plays so it was nice to finally see it performed. And I'm no theatre expert but from what I could tell, the performance was really good too. I just had some trouble understanding since they talked in their own dialect (trøndersk) which can be hard for foreigners to understand since they talk pretty fast and swallow a lot of sounds. But I still really liked it!

Afterwards we went to a pub. I couldn't afford any beer (I never can in Norway), but then the Norwegian guy (Kristoffer) bought me one since I'm a "poor German exchange student", haha! It was nice beer too, weirdly fruity which I liked since I don't like the bitter taste in beer too much.

The next day we had our own guided tour through the theatre which some important theatre person did especially for us! It was so interesting to see the stage where we saw our play and backstage and the other stages and all the workshops! I love theatres. <3 We had lunch in the theatre canteen, salad and bread, but it was really nice and filling. :P

The theatre btw:

The picture doesn't do it justice, it's really cool modern architecture, combining it with an old building and it looks nice inside as well. I'm sure on the theatre website you can find some pictures if you want to. :)

After that we still had some time, so we did more touristy things and when our lecturer heard none of us had ever been inside the Nidarosdomen, she bought tickets for us all! So Mart, Kristoffer and me ended up seeing it after all. She even bought a all-in-one ticket which meant we got to see to attached museums too. It was all so nice and interesting and Mart, Kristoffer and me got to vent a bit about Sally which I won't deny was fun too. xD We just sat outside and enjoyed the warm weather, but because we talked too much we missed out on one of the museums since they closed for lunch break. Oh well.

Then we went and had frozen yoghurt, explored the city some more and finally went back to the airport to fly home. It was such an amazing trip, I had just so much fun, I can't say it often enough! :)

And the best part? The uni paid for everything! (Well, except the beer.) I can't believe it! In Germany the uni pays for fuck-all and here they pair for such a great excursion including food! I love Norway! <3
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