Nov. 1st, 2012

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Sooo, things are very much "back to normal" here for me. Uni has started again, and it's the same as always... On Monday I already have a presentation, but I already did the handout (just uploaded it!), so preparing the actual presentation won't take long, I hope...

After 2 months of waiting I finally had my dermatologist appointment today! The doctor was very nice, so that was good. :) And she looked at my moles just to calm down my cancer paranoia which was really nice. Unfortunately she didn't know what the weird itchy skin thing I have is either. :( She told me to try antihistamines and see if it works, so well, I'll do that for now then. I have a check-up in January, so maybe if it didn't, she can refer me to the skin clinic, she said she might do. Anyway, fingers crossed that it just helps!

Yesterday my mum was in Berlin with her job and we went to a Bavarian restaurant, it was pretty good. And she brought me a bag full of gifts! AND a calendar she had printed herself! It was almost like having Christmas and now I have really nice "autumn" tea (it's called Karl-Heinz!), sausage (Ahle Wurscht! From "Onkel Ernst", haha, her coming from and all our relatives living in a small village can come in handy) and chocolate. Sometimes I actually think my mum is too nice. :P

Ohhh, and I started a Polish course last Friday! I haven't really learned anything yet, but some of the pronounciation will be a challenge, I think. "Szczebrzeszyn" I can almost say by now though. ;)

PS: My flopmate is moving out tomorrow! Rejoice! :D


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